JackrelOUS Mobile Care

Miracle Team Delivery Time
Miracle Box 1 year support Renewal 1-6 Hours
Miracle FRP Pack 4 in 1 Activation 1-6 Hours
Miracle Huawei Pack 4 in 1 Activation 1-6 Hours
EFT Dongle Delivery Time
EFT Dongle 1 Year Support Activation 1-12 Hours
ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) Delivery Time
ATF JTAG One Time Activation Only 6-24 Hours
ATF SL3 SD Repair Module 49 credits 1-5 Hours
DC Unlocker Credits and Activations Delivery Time
DC Unlocker 20 credit Dongle User 1-3 Hours
Dc Unlocker 1 Year Dongle Support 1-6 Hours
Dc-unlocker 2 Year dongle support 1-12 Hours
DC Unlocker 10 credits (Non Dongle User) - 60 minutes 1-6 Hours
DC Unlocker 10 credits Dongle User 1-6 Hours
Infinity Box/Dongle Delivery Time
Infinity-Best Dongle 100 Credits 1-6 Hours
Infinity-Box/Dongle 1 year Updates/Support Renew, Chinese Miracle-2 Included 1-6 Hours
Infinity-Box/Dongle 2 years Updates/Support Renew, Chinese Miracle-2 included 1-6 Hours
Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity [BEST], Chinese Miracle-2 and 1 year support included 1-6 Hours
NCK Delivery Time
NCK BOX Activation [Yearly] Instant
Nck Dongle Activation [Yearly] Instant
Ultimate Nck Huawei Module Activation For 1 Year 1-12 Hours
Ultimate Nck Huawei Module Activation For 2 Year 1-12 Hours
OCTOPUS Delivery Time
Octoplus/Octopus Server 100 Credits 1-6 Hours
Octoplus/Octopus Server 1000 Credits 1-6 Hours
Octopus Box Unlimited Sony Ericsson Activation 40 Credits[New 400 Credits] 1-24 Hours
Octoplus/Octopus Server 120 Credits 1-24 Hours
Octopus/Medusa/MedusaPRO Box Samsung Activation string 6-24 Hours
OSS CLIENT Delivery Time
OSS Client 20 License (will be listed as reseller) Instant
OSS-Client License Instant
Samsung Unlocked By Cable Delivery Time
SamKey (Samsung Unlock Account 3 Credits) 1-12 Hours
SamKEY TMO Special 10 Credits 1-6 Hours
SamKEY TMO Special 100 Credits ( 5 Phones Account ) 1-24 Hours
SamKEY TMO Special 20 Credits 1-24 Hours
SamKEY TMO Special 200 Credits 1-24 Hours
SamKEY TMO Special 40 Credits 1-24 Hours
Samsung AnyClient 1 account with 10 credits 1-24 Hours
SETool Delivery Time
LGTool Paid Remote 100 Credits minimum 1-6 Hours
SE-Tool Server (30 LOG Account) 1-6 Hours
SETool Activation for LGTool / SGTool 1-6 Hours
SIGMA Delivery Time
Sigma Pack 1 Activation Instant
Sigma Pack 2 Activation Instant
Sigma Pack 3 Activation 1-6 Hours
Xperia and Sony Ericsson SEMC S1 Tool MEP0 Via Cable all model supported Instant
VOLCANO Delivery Time
inferno Tool Activatoin / Renewal ( 1 Year ) For Volcano Box / inferno Dongle 1-24 Hours
Volcano Merapi Pack1 Activation Required 59 credits 6-48 Hours
Z3X BOX Delivery Time
Z3X Box Samsung Pro Activation Instant
Z3X Unlock Credits Pack 50cr 1-12 Hours
zZKey Delivery Time
zZKey SmartZ PRO Activation 24.00 Hours
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