Huawei Worldwide Factory Unlock (All Level)

If Huawei phone ask for a “Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key” after you insert another Network SIM Card, this mean your phone is blocked because of too much wrong code. In this case you need to use the tool "Huawei (Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key)"


This service is Available from Business Days Only

You will get 4 Codes from which:

1st code - Network code (Network PIN)

2nd and 3rd codes are SP codes (Service Provider PIN)

4th LAST code is the Simblock/Reset code (In case if your phone is Hardlocked)

THUS Unlock is 100% Guaranteed even if you blocked the counter before

 Note!  Some phones can have only 1 Code which is the Network code

These phones do not require Simblock/Reset or SP codes to be unlocked

Example Huawei U7519, G6620, G7210 etc


we do not accept any video proof for non working codes. No Verify / No refund / No cancel on this service strictly. 


Result example:

8670580287020xx  58567009

8619440318319xx  8318092470714879

8648850320628xx  0228726323327256,3960976675234031,3861858333109262,3403179050727224

8648850303397xx  0564275575573557,2866282225096109,5748065834048407,3530714709319982


1st code is Network Code, 4th code is Reset Key in case if your phone is simlock blocked. Some IMEIs do not have reset key, only has NCK.

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